MeetYourmessenger Guidelines

MeetYourmessenger hopes that you will contribute to keep our site a nice and informal place to meet, where everyone feels welcome. We aspire to create a good balance between open and direct communication and to ensure that our users feel safe when using our site. That is why we have developed this checklist, which we encourage you to read.


MeetYourmessenger’s Checklist

We have created a checklist you can use as a guide for what kind of material we do not want published on our website.

We reserve the right to delete, report or block the following:

In general


·     Material that is racist, chauvinistic, discriminating, aggressive or in other ways hateful, abusive, threatening, harassing, vulgar or condescending to a person or group based on race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation etc.

·     Profiles where a person pretends to be someone else (fake profiles) or gives inaccurate information (e.g. about age or attachment to a group etc.).


Pornographic and other distasteful material


·     Pictures of sexual or erotic character

·     Pictures that show abuse or physical damage of any kind


Copyright and protected material


·     Only upload pictures of personal character that (i) is of you or your friends, (ii) was taken by you or your friends, (iii) was created by you or your friends (own art and animations etc.)

·     Do not copy, upload, show, forward or share files, documents etc. that do not belong to you personally (and to which you do not hold the copyright)

·     Do not upload pictures with trademarks (visible copyright signs)

·     Do not copy, show, distribute or represent other immaterial rights such as patents, databases, registered design, service and brands etc.

·     Do not copy, show, distribute or represent anything that is legally owned by meetYourmessenger such as the use of terms (names), logos, software sources etc.  




·     Sending out “junk mail”, chain letters or unsolicited advertisements (spam)

·     Commercial activities and/or sales without our permit e.g. advertising for products and websites


Illegal activities


·     Any material that contains software virus or other computer codes, files or programs that are damaging for other computer software and hardware and telecommunications equipment.

·     Any content that encourages illegal activities or provides knowledge of such. E.g. creating or buying weapons, delivery or creation of computer virus.


Distribution and/or publishing of private information:


·     When users write or make sensitive information/private information public.
(This is, however, possible with a subscription to a VIP profile, with which free communication is allowed (under your own responsibility).

When you have a basic profile at meetYourmessenger, we do not tolerate sharing of private information. Your mails are screened through a filter using different criteria and a message will be sent to you if your mail has been identified and stopped by the filter. If you experience any kind of inappropriate behaviour from another user who wants to get in contact with you and who leaves his private information, we ask you to report this to our support. We want to ensure that our guidelines for general communication between our users are followed with regards to sending each other mails with private information.


If one of our administrators requests that you make corrections to your profile you must follow this. If you choose not to follow our written rules, you risk having your profile deleted, blocked or reported to the authorities without any warning. For more information, we advise you to read our terms of use of meetYourmessenger.



Responsibility, honesty and respect

When you create a profile on meetYourmessenger you are provided with your own profile page where you can send mails, upload pictures and write a text about yourself. On this page you are your own webmaster and you can adjust the amount of pictures and text to match your requirements.

When you want to upload content to your profile, we encourage you to think about three things that we believe are important:

·    Responsibility

·     Honesty

·     Respect towards other people


By thinking about these three points you will get the most out of your experience and use of meetYourmessenger.



MeetYourmessenger encourages you to use our website in a responsible way to allow everyone to have a positive experience of the site. All content that is placed on your profile (incl. text and pictures) should be considered as belonging to the public domain. You are responsible for all your activities on this website and you should therefore consider carefully what you write and which pictures you make public.

People of all ages use our website, which is why you should be aware that not all pictures should be out in the public domain for everyone to see. Therefore, avoid uploading material with a pornographic character and other offensive material. Choose a profile picture that you would have a clear conscience showing to a person you meet on the street. At meetYourmessenger you can always get your own private picture gallery and control who sees what.   

Be factual and reasoned when you write articles and comment on people’s contributions. Allow your text to inspire and not destroy in order to be respected by the other users. Use BIG LETTERS with caution, as they can be perceived as a person yelling and seem offensive.

MeetYourmessenger is not responsible for the content or the activities on the user generated sites, which are part of the public domain on meetYourmessenger; that means every time a user uploads a picture or writes a text on their profile it is his or her own responsibility. Therefore, we ask you to do this with care, as you are held liable for any possible consequences yourself.

MeetYourmessenger is not designed to be the primary place where all data is stored. You yourself are responsible for making a back-up of the material you upload on meetYourmessenger such as pictures, documents etc. MeetYourmessenger cannot be held liable for any loss or deletion of these data.


In particular for children, young people and parents

You are responsible for the actions you take based on any advice and information you receive on meetYourmessenger. Always bear in mind that advice can come from people of all ages and of very different backgrounds. This is why we recommend that you use your common sense before making your choices. This for instance applies to deciding who to trust, considering handing out a phone number or e-mail address, telling where one lives etc.

If you are interested in meeting a person you got to know through meetYourmessenger, we encourage you to always bring a good friend the first time. Meet the person in a public place and tell friends and family where you are and what plans you have. In this way you create safety and peace of mind for yourself and your close ones.

We advise parents to keep track of their children’s online activities and to support them with good advice on the way.



MeetYourmessenger encourages you to conduct yourself in a way that shows yourself as an honest and decent person in everything you do on the website. This has a positive effect on dialogues and hence on the new relations you create on meetYourmessenger. Tell people who you really are and what you stand for. In this way you will appear as a confident person and you will be respected by your peers.

At the same time you should be honest to yourself and only give out information you feel comfortable sharing when you communicate with others. We promote openness on meetYourmessenger, but you should always make sure to remember your privacy in the process and set clear boundaries.


Respect towards other people

We encourage everyone to show respect. Do not use the different sites at meetYourmessenger to threaten, harass or stalk other users. Keep in mind that there is a person behind every profile. Be considerate and treat others the way you would like to be treated yourself.

We promote freedom of speech and defend everyone’s right to express unpopular points of view. However, we reserve the right to delete any material that contains an aggressive tone and hate speech (points of view that attack or degrade a group based on race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation etc.)

Private information must be treated with the utmost confidentiality. It is not allowed to make one's e-mail address or other personal information public through general communication on meetYourmessenger. Doing so will trigger a block of the communication between the parties involved. This is to protect children and young people and to avoid our users from being harassed or abused for instance with spam mails. You will be allowed to share your personal information if you have bought a VIP profile (this is, however, at one’s own risk).

Handing out or distributing pictures of other people than yourself is not allowed, unless you have their consent. Handing out or distributing other people’s private information which you know of or have found is not legal.

Avoid sending spam mail through meetYourmessenger. The phrasing ‘spam mail ‘ is used for unsolicited advertisements sent with the purpose of luring the recipient to buy one or more products. Spam mails are against the law and therefore the distribution of such will not be tolerated at meetYourmessenger. We reserve the right to report violations to the police. According to the law, the distribution of spam mails can be punished with a fine for each mail that has been sent.


Make meetYourmessenger a nice and fun place to be

Follow the guidelines with the three basic principles: take responsibility, be honest and respect other people. If you do that you contribute to meetYourmessenger as a nice and fun place to be.

You can report another user to our support if you believe the user in question has violated our guidelines. After receiving a report we will in each case consider if we have to take action. You can choose to block other users if you feel harassed or uncomfortable with them. After being blocked, a user cannot see or contact your profile.


Social responsibility is a core issue for meetYourmessenger

As an international company in the field of social networking, we accept a social responsibility regardless of which country we get involved in.

It is our objective to respect the culture and the norms that apply in the individual countries in relation to displaying public material on a social network such as pictures, videos, text etc. Through person-driven and technical initiatives and a close dialogue with our users, we ensure that ethical standards are followed as closely as possible.


·         24/7 picture validation:

MeetYourmessenger conducts picture validations on the website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By doing this we meet the wishes of our users and our own business. We have created specific rules for when a picture must be deleted or approved on our website. These rules take into consideration whether the uploaded picture is a profile picture, a gallery picture or a private picture. We refer to the guidelines we have developed. In all places on our website where we show a picture, you have the possibility to report it to our support if you find it inappropriate.


·         Reporting offensive material:

At meetYourmessenger we have our own support system that deletes offensive contents from our website. We encourage everyone to report offensive material to our support centre.


·         Filter for children and young people

MeetYourmessenger has developed a filter for children and young people that ensures (to the extent it is possible) that children have access to people who are relevant to them such as friends and people they know along with people their own age.


·         Safety filter

MeetYourmessenger has introduced a safety filter which limits the amount of spam, sensitive information etc. on our website.




Many of the problems found on the Internet are commonly known and re-appear in many places. There are organizations and authorities that have specialized in handling these issues. MeetYourmessenger has with the above guidelines attempted to create a safe environment for users in areas where we feel we can make a difference, but beyond that we refer to the specialists who have much greater experience in handling these issues.

·         INHOPE (International network cooperation against illegal Internet content)

INHOPE is a worldwide network of hotlines that deals with reports of illegal Internet content. This is where organizations from all over the world work together to create common standards for hotline operation and fighting illegal use of the Internet.